Monday, December 10, 2012

Update 6

R had a very uneventful weekend.  Which is this world, is a very good thing.

He has been moved out of the CICU and onto the main cardiology floor.  He had his chest tube removed yesterday, and is now completely off of oxygen.

He is a little under the weather this morning. He has a low-grade fever, but it's not anything they're too concerned about. They think he might have an unrelated ear infection or something along those lines.  They'll check him out in about an hour to see what they find.

He also still has pacing wires connected to his heart, but hopefully he can have those removed soon.

Right now, he's out having a sedated echocardiogram for an in-depth look at how his heart is healing so far.

Overall, though, R is doing great. They're even discussing discharge in the next few days, which would be absolutely amazing. We'll see - hopefully his cardiologist has good things to say today.

We were so lucky to have several of our close friends come over the weekend. Elle is on her way back from a fun-filled weekend in Maine. We've missed her terribly and are so excited to see her soon.  And to hopefully reunite her with her little brother!


  1. Thankful for the good report and that Reid is one tough little man!! I can vouch that being in the hospital as a 'non-patient' caregiver is physically and emotionally exhausting but you and Pat look GREAT in the photos! Keeping those prayers coming your way!! Stay've got this!!!

  2. Party in CICU! Looks like you guys are on the short end of this trip. I hope all the reports from today are good and you guys get your walking papers soon :) Love y'all!

  3. So happy to hear all of the good reports on your little Trooper! What an amazing little fellow he is along with his parents! Hope you are home,settled in and getting ready for Santa very soon!

  4. So excited to hear you get to head home soon! Dan and I were thrilled to get to meet him and see you and Pat (both looking fantanstic, as always)! We look forward to hearing all about the great holiday season for all of you :)

  5. What a beautiful boy you have! And a beautiful family. It's amazing to see so many smiling faces by his hospital bed. Like OHS is a big party! The photos are wonderful. So glad you have this behind him now.


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