Monday, December 10, 2012

Update 7


We are so happy to report that R will be discharged tomorrow! He is a prized patient and has done every little thing that has been asked of him.

The cardiologist is extremely pleased with his progress and if nothing changes over the next 12-16 hours, we're outta here.

He will have to have several cardiologist visits over the next few weeks, but other than that, his heart is officially fixed. Once he is fully recovered, he will only need to visit the cardiologist once a year.  

You can tell he feels so much better already. His breathing is slow and regulated, and his color is great. It's a miracle to watch these little babies go through so much trauma and recuperate so quickly.

We can't wait to head home and get back to living a normal life. 

We're a little bruised and battered, but it's all worth it. We look forward resting, relaxing, and enjoying our HEALTHY family. It's going to be a wonderful Christmas -- R getting his heart fixed is the best gift we could ever receive.

We're so excited for everyone to get to know our little man. Your prayers and support got us through!

With his surgeon. (Yes. He's gorgeous AND he saves babies.)


  1. Wow! It's absolutely amazing that a little guy can have open heart surgery on a Thursday and go home the next Tuesday! We're so excited we can hardly stand it!!!

  2. Wait!! Are you serious?? Y'all are going home, as in Shreveport, tomorrow? Whaaaat?! Reid, you are truly amazing, sweet boy! What a Merry Christmas it will be this year! Safe travels and get some REST, if at all possible! Love, love, love to your entire family!

  3. Reid is a rockstar! I am so happy for y'all getting outta there so quickly. Love the pics of Reid looking at his doctor like, "I'm not quite sure why, but you're my hero, dude."

    Your family is amazing. Love y'all so much.

  4. This is absolutely amazing!!! We are so happy for you guys! Big hugs to all of you, especially that adorable little munchkin Reid!!!


  5. Wow wow wow. I can't wait to get my hands on him and give him hugs and kisses. Love love love, Aunt Debbie

  6. YES!!!! Aunt Monty and Uncle Popp are so excited!

  7. This is the BEST news I have heard in a long time!!! Way to go Reid!! I know all of you are so ready to be home.
    What a wonderful Christmas you will have! Praise God!!! Love to all!

  8. Merry Christmas mah miss! That is amazing news!! I can't wait to meet Mistur R.

  9. Best news ever!!!!! So happy for y'all! Sending lots of love to u!!!!

  10. Boy...busy day yesterday and just now catching up. WooHoo!!!!! So thankful!!


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