Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We are back at the hotel and settled in after a long day. We managed to get a little sleep last night, although we were awoken every five minutes by either:

a) some type of siren (staying in the hospital district has it's pros and cons)
b) our heater turning on (which sounds similar to a stray cat dying)

Side note:  L is LOOOOOVING everything about this trip.  Particularly standing in the window of her hotel room with just her big girl undies on, looking out of the window at all of the Ambooolanses!! Fiwe Tucks!! Twaffic!! Peoples!! and Masssatooosich!!

"Who's dat?"

"What dey doing?" 

"Where dey going?"

"What dey doing now?"

"What dey dog's name?"

But I digress.

Our day was long and busy. 

Mr. R had an EKG, bloodwork (this was the only part that made me cry -- they couldn't find a vein and stuck my baby several times over), X-rays, a sedated echocardiogram and numerous physical exams.

We met with a nurse practitioner, our cardiologist, anesthesiologist (could have lived my whole life without hearing the details he gave me), and our surgeon.

We also had another tour of the CICU and the pediatric cardiology wing.

Reid was amazing -- he is the toughest little nugget. He is not scared to let somebody know when he's not happy.

And the sedation?  Please.  He wasn't going down without a fight.  Everytime we thought he was finally asleep, his eyes would pop open and he'd yell.  

Just once.  "Meeeeh!"

He finally succumbed when we piled warm blankets all around him and darkened the room.  But, I mean, come on....who wouldn't sleep in that set up?

We started at 5:00AM and didn't get a chance to eat until 3:00PM.  You better believe I immediately downed a burger, fries and a glass of wine.  (And by that, I mean: a burger, half a sandwich, 1.5 orders of fries, two glasses of wine, and a cupcake.)

We report bright and early for a 6:00 surgery.  All told, he should be in for about 6-7 hours. We will get to see him once he is settled in the CICU.

We are so, so, so grateful for all of the prayers and support.  God has been with us every step of the way.

We know that R is in the very best hands and that he will do an amazing job tomorrow!  He is such a strong little man, and we have been so impressed by his bravery and patience through all of this.

We love him more than anything on earth, and can't wait until his heart is as perfect as he is.

We arrived home to this gloriousness.  A&H -- You. Are. The. BEST.

YaYa and Nonnie helped give him his last bath before surgery.  He had to be cleaned with a special antimicrobial ointment.

His beautiful chest, before it gets an even more beautiful battle scar!

Ready for tomorrow!

Surrounded by love!

And last but not least....we have been blessed to find friends that have been down this long road before us -- they have helped guide us through all of the difficult diagnoses, the pregnancy, his birth, and everything else leading up to today.  

Sweet JT had his surgery here in Boston just over a year ago -- same cardiologist, same surgeon.  He wore this precious outfit before his surgery and passed it on for Mr. R to wear today.  

Here are their two pics, side by side.  Heart friends forever! 


  1. Sending lots of love and prayers for all!!! That Reid is so thankful y'all are at Childrens...what an incredible place!! Love, love, love you!!!!

  2. I love his brave little face! Seeing him hooked up to all those machines makes me want to cry, but then I look at his face and just feel proud and awed. You got this, Reid! Sending all my love to Boston today.

  3. Reid - you are so loved and today, all of our thoughts are with you little guy! BCH never saw a stronger nugget come through their doors. Can't wait to see y'all and B, am so happy you are back to blogging- this is perfection on so many levels. LOVE!

  4. Reid, I am sending prayers and love your way. You have the best family in the world and the best doctors. I can't wait to hear the "all clear" when the surgery is over. Even though I haven't met you, I love you so much. Aunt Debbie


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