Friday, December 7, 2012

Update 4

Not much new to report today.  R is still in the CICU -- intubated and on the ventilator.  He has been doing what they call, "riding the vent," which means that he is letting the machine do most of the work for him.

Apparently, this is pretty common during sedation.

He does tend to breathe for himself when he is touched or stimulated, which is a good sign. As for now, we're in a waiting game. He needs to start regularly breathing for himself before they can extubate him. Once he is extubated, however, things should happen more quickly.

The plan is to wean him of the sedatives so that he will hopefully start to breathe for himself as he awakens.

He did open his eyes about an hour ago -- I was rubbing his sweet head and talking to him and he got excited when he saw me.  It kind of backfired, though, because his excitement turned to agitation and frustration.  He started wiggling and trying to get out of all of his contraptions.  Then, he started to get really mad and tried to cry.  (This is the worst part -- no sound comes out because of the tube in his throat. And it is apparently extremely uncomfortable.)

All of the agitation caused his vitals to go out of whack, so we had to leave. It was so horrible to leave him like that.

Again, all of this is supposedly normal.  Hard for a mama, but normal to the docs.

We are now giving him the opportunity to come off of the sedation without us there to overexcite him.  Hopefully, he will do just soon and start breathing on his own.

Fingers crossed!!


  1. Tell Mr. Reid that he has to hurry and better! Ellis needs a BFF her age at the play groups!!! I can't imagine how stressful all this can be. Hang in there! You are doing great! He is so beautiful! My heart is with u guys!

  2. Chicks dig scars! So glad you got to see those beautiful eyes! Thanks for keeping us posted :) I promise I have thought of y'all at least every hour since Tuesday, and it really helps me feel connected. Can't wait to hear the good news that tomorrow brings for your little champ!

  3. I guess Reid can be in the 'Zipper Club' with Chappy. It's soooo very difficult to see him with all the medical contraptions but at the same time...just soooo thankful for those contraptions so he can get well. Although I'm not there, I'm holding you all close in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for the updates!! Love & Hugs!

  4. Sweet Little Nugget is just relaxing, boo! Love y'all - that last picture of him looking at you is so precious.

  5. Hang in there. Hopefully the worst is over. Love you guys. He just looks so precious even all tubed up!~

  6. That sweet boy loves his mama! I hope today is going well and Reid is making progress coming off the ventilator. Sending love and prayers your way!


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