Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update 8

It's official - Reid has been released and we're heading home tomorrow!

He's doing so well. He's a little fussy and his sleeping and eating schedule is thrown off, but that's to be expected.

His eye is also really irritated from rubbing against it with his bandaged hand, but that should heal soon.

His scar already looks great, and overall he is just his happy self.

E has an upper respiratory infection, so we have to keep them apart -- once again.  She hasn't seen him in five days! She felt a little better tonight, so we took her on a much-needed date to get some ice cream.

We look forward to having the four of us together again, and to R's continued recovery at home.

Thanks again for following his progress and for all of the love and support!!


  1. So happy for all of you! I wish you safe travels tomorrow!

  2. WOOOOOOO! That's the heartiest and most sincere wooooo of my life. Ever. In all the world! Love you!

  3. Can hardly wait until you are home and feel like company. Just going to continue to wrap y'all up in prayers!!! Love and Hugs to all!!!

  4. Brooke- I'm so happy that all went well. Reid is perfect and I'm glad his heart is perfect now, too. Love, Liz Hummert

  5. Best Post Yet! Love Y'ALL! -Monica

  6. Yay! Go Reid! Go Reid! Go Reid! Go Reid! (you better believe I am doing an awesome celebratory dance around my room that definitely includes the cabbage patch )!!!!!!!!!! So happy for y'all! Love!

  7. Great news!!!!! So happy for you all - safe trip back to the Port

  8. GREAT news!!! so very happy for all of you...especially Reid!!! Merry, Merry, Christmas!!!
    AND a VERY Happy New Year!!! Praying for continued healing and a safe trip home! Love Y'all!!


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