Thursday, February 18, 2016

French Fries For Now

We've been in perpetual Vacation Mode over here, which has been a nice surprise in the middle of what is normally a slogging, mundane time of year. 

Inspired by our recent trip to Mexico, our cups have continued to run over with lazy afternoons, hours of reading books and catching up on magazines, long walks, and last-minute meals. 

My husband is in that sweet spot between an old job and a new one, and since he's around to help more, we have less on our calendars and on our minds. There is a world of excitement and chaos and change heading our way soon, but for now, we are turning off our phones and turning up the music. We are always singing and dancing in our house, but lately, the volume has gotten a bit louder and we're allowing Flo Rida repeats beyond our firm "seven is enough" rule.

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