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“Imagine the best religious service
you’ve ever been to, a therapy appointment on an unexpectedly comfortable couch,
or catching a sunset at the perfect time.
Brooke’s classes are like
All that put together.

Basically, you should go.”

— ClassPass Review
Deep Stretch & Mindful Meditation


Picture a river flowing effortlessly. Smooth in places, but bubbling and rushing around obstacles in others. Never doubting where to go or how it will get there, the water fluidly to makes it’s way downstream, regardless of what lies in its path. This is the flow of life and it is available to each and every one of us if we can learn to get out of our own way and trust our internal navigation system.

From an early age, Brooke learned to block the flow. She swam upstream, forced, exhausted herself with effort and held on tight to boulders amidst rushing waters. She pushed and swam tirelessly, unwittingly doing everything in her power to fight the flow. For most of her lifetime, she lived with an unconscious belief that her worth was based on exertion and strength rather than allowing and ease. With over 30 years of conditioning, she tried to control situations around her — from childhood wounds and deep feelings of abandonment and betrayal to uncontrollable circumstances, such as her son being born with Down syndrome and then battling aggressive cancer. Fighting the current was what felt safe even though it wore her down and battered her emotional, mental and physical body.

It was through this lifelong fight that she realized letting go was the only answer. By starting at the shallow end, she learned that life had the ability to instantaneously improve and flourish if only she would release her grip. Seven years ago, in a state of depletion and despair, she began the journey of allowing the current to take her toward her true purpose and destination. She quit drinking alcohol, began prioritizing her personal spiritual connection, and learned through trial and error to love and cherish herself. Utilizing intensive meditation, yoga and healing practices, she found that the only way out is through. She has molded and shaped her transformation through inner child work, human development, mindfulness, acceptance, forgiveness and intuitive practices. It is through these modalities that she learned to truly let go and allow life take her on a ride that has increasingly grown more joyful, playful, purposeful and aligned. Releasing self-doubt, the opinions of others, and cultural and familial conditioning gave Brooke the permission she needed to befriend herself and all of the experiences that came along with her journey. 

Because she is human, Brooke still gets stuck in old patterns and belief systems. She wakes up some mornings clinging to anything that makes her feel in control, even when those things do not serve her. But, each day she sits in silence and comes back to herself. Over and over again, Brooke looks within to find her true guidance and locates the internal map that gives her the peace to flow freely. 


Through her life experiences, Brooke has learned what it feels like to truly cooperate with who you are. She knows that even when life is scary and unsure, the true path is always in sync with allowing and non-resistance rather than force and fear. This doesn’t always require stillness. Brooke loves living and does it big — she’s an adrenaline junkie who adores socializing, music, friendly debates and problem-solving. She swears like a sailor and has opinions for days. Like every other person on this planet, she is a paradox. Giving herself permission to show up exactly as she is has allowed her to find freedom that she never thought possible. By putting herself first and recognizing that she was brought into this world to live in alignment and joy, she can now help others navigate rough terrain while still to finding balance and ease in their own life.

Brooke teaches from experience — she understands the innate human desire to fit in and feel safe. It’s from this place that she encourages her students and clients to trust their own power — to find their voice and take up space. Brooke truly believes that everyone has the ability to unite with who they really are through the simple but scary act of following their heart’s true desire. Joy and fulfillment are available to every single one of us. Life ebbs and flows, it has moments of stillness and moments of turbulence. But when we tap into our inner guide, we always find our way. Once outside influences drop away and we begin to say YES to ourselves and what we truly want, we are less inclined to struggle, force, live up to expectations that do not serve us, or light ourselves on fire to keep others warm

This does not mean we don’t take care of the people we love. It simply means that we learn to love and honor ourselves first so that we can we love and honor everyone else around us. Fear-based beliefs are a part of our human experience. Brooke is familiar with feeling unloved, unworthy, too much, not enough, angry, sad and resentful. But she has learned firsthand that going with the flow allows her life to unfold in perfect timing. More often than not, she is now able to see difficult people and situations through love and understanding while staying on the path that is true for her. Through this vantage point, she is living a life that she truly adores and is receptive and appreciative of the miracles and manifestations that constantly show up in her life.

Where is the current taking you? Are you ready to feel the freedom of discovering your true self instead of jumping into the rapids of the world around you? Brooke has the tools, knowledge, training and experience to help you become the captain of your own ship. So, let go of the fear and jump right in — the water feels amazing.

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